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    420 Science guarantees that you'll LOVE every product we make. If there's something you don't LOVE, we want to know so we can offer you a replacement or give you a full refund.

    Here is the guarantee we offer for each product:

    420 Jars - When you buy 420 Jars from our website, we guarantee them for life. Yes, a lifetime guarantee on glass - crazy, but true. If your 420 Jar breaks for any reason, email us so we can send you a replacement. We may ask you to email or txt a picture to us to verify, but that's it - you don't need to ship the broken jar back to us. We simply charge $5 to help cover shipping ($15 international).

    420 Scope - This device is rock solid and rarely has problems, but if an LED light goes out or the scope stops working for any reason, we're going to replace it - just send us an email and we'll provide you with a return shipping label.

    420 Wipes - Use these little guys to keep your dab tools clean. And they're a great way to sanitize the mouthpiece of your pipes and vaporizers. You want to share the herb, not the germs. Try a box - if you're not happy, let us know so we can give you a refund. You don't have to send anything back.

    RezBlock - Prevent resin from forming inside your water pipe. If you don't notice a DRASTIC difference when using RezBlock, you're doing it wrong. Seriously. Use the entire bottle and if you don't LOVE it, tell us so we can refund you. That's it, nothing for you to return.

    Smoke Soap - Hands down, the best pipe cleaner on the market. If you don't agree, it's free! Nothing to send back, so use it up and we'll be happy to refund you if you don't LOVE it.

    There are many products we sell through our website that aren't made by us. We can't offer the same guarantee on these items, however we will accept returns or exchanges on unused products within 48 hours of receipt.

    Glass - You can exchange or return unused glass within 48 hours of receipt. Any breakage needs to be reported within 48 hours of receipt. We do not offer a warranty on any pipes, vapes, parts or items not manufactured by 420 Science. Parts, Vapes, Nails, Domes, Dabbers, Torches etc. - If they've been used, we can't accept returns.

    Grinders - If a grinder has been used, we cannot resell it. That means we can only accept returns on unused grinders in their original packaging.

    Dime Bags - They must still have the Dime Bags tag attached and be in the original plastic bag.

    The Details

    We'll replace 420 Jars and 420 Scopes for life. If you want a refund on 420 Jars or 420 Scopes, email us within one year of purchase and we'll provide a shipping label for you to return them to us. Your card will be refunded when we receive the package. Free returns in the US only.

    Replacement 420 Jars will be the same style, size and design as originally purchased. If a specific jar is no longer available, a comparable replacement will be sent.

    When a refund is issued, the amount refunded will be based on the actual purchase price of the product after any discounts and will not include shipping.

    Our guarantee on 420 Wipes, RezBlock and Smoke Soap is limited to the first purchase of these products. That means you can't order Smoke Soap, say you didn't LOVE it and get a refund, then order again and request another refund. Sorry, there's no such thing as free Smoke Soap for life.

    The 420 Science guarantee only applies to purchases made through our website at www.420Science.com. That is the only way we can provide this crazy awesome guarantee.